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Post Binge

I’m done.

All told I covered off two chapters and rewrote around 6k. My brain hurts.

On the plus side – because you have to take breaks to let the brain catch up – I also managed to finish some reading and some other bits and bobs. In terms of The Scarred God the end is now in sight and even if the week goes screwy like the last few I have another clear weekend to clear off the remaining major rewrites. Once done I will not be touching this one again (unless someone buys it) with all feedback going into new projects.

It’s funny, once upon a time I could churn out 10k in two days without too much difficulty. I’m not sure if the slowing down is an awareness of quality (I definitely sense when I’m banging out drivel now) or just me getting a bit slower.

Anyhow: a productive weekend. How was yours?

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