Monthly Archives: March 2008

A quick update and then bed 4

I’ve not really done much save work (rather harder than I wanted to at the moment) and work on The Woodsman. The latter has been fun as it’s going rather better than has done in a while, I’d pretty much ground to a halt around hitting the point where the second draft encounters the first […]

Buggeration 1

Apparently today is the 30th March. Constant readers will know this was meant to be my self-imposed deadline for finishing The Woodsman. I haven’t hit it, have no chance of hitting it given I’ve only got as far as the end of chapter six, but it’s not all a lost cause. Having the deadline in […]

Just a moment…

My blogroll seems to have gone awol… Bear with me while I find out where the pesky critter’s gone. ****** OK. Fixed now. I really do need to pay more attention. Apologies to anyone who wasn’t feeling the linky love. I’m going to hang my head in shame.

Friday Flash Fiction: Burned 4

If you missed last week’s flash, it can be found here.This week’s piece was written at Eastercon for the Friday Flash Fiction workshop we ran to launch Illuminations. Not one to ask others to do what we would not, each of us wrote a story whilst the attendees crafted their own compositions. As ever I’m […]

Eastercon: China, Neil and Charlie oh my… 2

So over at Nostalgia for the Future, Justin has an excellent write up of Eastercon and nicely distills China’s keynote. China was a bit of a revelation. A fascinatingly literate and erudite speaker; I spent a lot of the weekend coming out of his panels with a list of words that I hadn’t known existed. […]

What Neil Did Next… 8

Now for the infamous leg story. When last seen our fearless feckless hero was exiting Eastercon after an exciting weekend of beer, literature, more beer, geeks and a healthy dose of book buying. Putting aside a very nearly lifelong fear of rats, he had foolishly agreed to having his better half, G, look after her […]

Punctured 5

Tonight’s post was to be a round up of Eastercon. Of how I got to see fantastic Guest of honour spots from Neil Gaiman, China Miéville and Charles Stross. I’d planned to say some stuff about how big the con was, how interesting many of the panels were including some great stuff from Cory Doctorow, […]