Some humour for you, this Monday morning. The Star Wars satire doing the internet rounds right now is this. But for me this will always be the best: [youtube=] Enjoy.


It’s midnight. We are in bed. There is the sound of hollow rumbling from the sodium lit, wet leather, street outside. I look across at you. The dark gleam of your eyes tells me you are awake. “What’s that?” you ask. “I don’t...

Roll call

A spot of classic Rowan Atkinson to start the week: [youtube=] Made me chuckle.


I appear to be running on empty. Top five signs this is so: 1. My hair is crazier than normal.* 2. I run out of words mid… What was I saying? 3. Spacial awareness is diminished: I am slapstick gold and you can draw a pretty interesting piece of art by joining my...

Wise words from Tim

The very funny Tim Minchin’s wise words on life: [youtube=] I need to try and see him live.


Last night I tried the Cayenne Pepper home remedy for sore throats. The idea is pretty simple: boil some water, add a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper, gargle and repeat. Lots of people online claim this has worked, although I noted just before starting that all negative...