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The Woodsman: Update 4

It’s been a quiet weekend following last week’s frenetic pace, in between spending time with G, I’ve spent a fair bit of it working on The Woodsman.

Chapter two has been tweaked and generally mucked about with until it resembles something a bit tighter than the second draft. I’ve also gone through Chapter three on paper, it is with a certain sinking feeling I realised it needs a full overhaul as it’s all over the shop at present. Still it does mean even if I do nothing else I’ll have something to write all week.

In other writing related news I’m waiting for my short story Stone to come back from my initial test reader, that’s G to the rest of you, and then it’ll go into penultimate polishing before winging its way to my other guinea pigs.

Keen eyed observers will note a few tweaks on the blog. I’ve been very remiss about staying on top of Blog admin of late but I managed to tidy up my feeds – you can get The other side of the river emailed right to your inbox in addition to subscribing via your RSS reader. All feed options are in the side bar on the right hand side.

I’ve also, courtesy of the improved wordpress stats, been able to produce a top ten of my Friday Flash according to the stories that are generating the most views. I’ll be keeping this up to date as the weeks go on but there were some surprises on there, Shadow being one and the absence of Cliché being the other.

I anticipate there may be some more hub pages for other regular content such as Columbo Villain of the Week and my reviews as well as other possible top tens. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, in the real world. We’ve finally got a bathroom cabinet back up in the bathroom which is now nearly finished and G very kindly painted my study while I was away. I didn’t expect that: I really am lucky. The house is moving on slowly but it’s gathering momentum that just wasn’t there last year, fingers crossed.

Anyway, that’s quite enough dull twittering on from me.

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