I am thrilled to announce my next book, The Alaunt, launches on eBook, exclusive to Amazon, on September 18th. This is the second book of The Shaanti, my debut epic fantasy series and focuses on Anya’s grandfather, Thrace, retired legend of the Shaanti, one of the heroes of the war, known in his prime as The Alaunt.

Peace reigns. Thrace helped forge it. The cost runs deep amongst the Shaanti.

His granddaughter, Anya, wants to be the next legendary warrior. Mired in grief, Thrace is only interested in the next bottle. But when Anya’s friend is killed, Thrace is forced back into the saddle in a desperate hunt for the killers.

Faced with a war the Shaanti can’t win, tracking the trail of death will take Thrace deep into enemy territory, the machinations of the Kurah court and an ancient evil lurking in the ruined forest.

To keep Anya and his tribe safe he’ll need every trick he has. But how much is left of the old Alaunt?

Find out on the 18th!

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