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2018 Round Up

The end of the year is nigh. Yes, folks, this is another one of those obligatory end-of-year round-up posts. I’ll keep it as brief as I can. I made a conscious effort this year to try to squeeze the pips out of the time and so I’m pretty pleased with […]

Stars in dust

I saw them once – the dragon and the witch. They were out on the moors when the star fell from the sky. I was smaller then. Or perhaps the world was larger? While the others were asleep, I wandered through the ashes and the dust. I saw the flash […]

links for 2008-07-08

1. Craigslist Rivals Struggle to Succeed in Web Classified Space – ClickZ Craigslist continues to bemuse and befuddle US online publishers. Simplicity works. (tags: onlinemarketing online craigslist comment digitaladvertising digitalclassified)

links for 2008-07-07

1. ‘Amy Winehouse would be a great Doctor’ | Media | The Guardian Davies on leaving Doctor Who and a shameless attempt by The Guardian to boost their SEO by a lame reference to Amy Winehouse. Now you’d never catch me doing that. Oh no. (tags: DoctorWho Guardian TV Interview […]

links for 2008-07-05

1. Bobbie Johnson: After the Google-Viacom court ruling, the question is: who knows what about you? | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk Digital paranoia returns once more…along with the assertion that IP is the key to identification – gee I wish they’d told all those digital agencies before they invested […]

links for 2008-07-04

1. The Presence wins a Welsh book award | News | guardian.co.uk Books Dannie Abse wins a well deserved award. Damn fine poet, damn fine writer. Period. (tags: wales poetry literature prose)