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Friday Flash Fiction: Elevator

As has become painfully clear to constant readers of this blog, and as exemplified by the woeful lack of a “Columbo Villian of the Week” on Wednesday, life has gotten on top of me. And so this week I find myself – for the first time since I started – […]

Rambling along the digital highway with no particular place to be

So I’ve been trawling the web for something interesting to say, something other than the obvious gloating that I’m-going-to-see-Neil-Gaiman-tomorrow-and- wouldn’t-it-be-a-giggle-if-I-went-in-my-casual-gear (he’s not the only Neil with a penchant for black and an aversion to brushing his hair). First I went over to Joey Moggie for inspiration but alas my digital […]

The green green grass of home

I’m home. Not my home London, my home Wales. Well my parent’s home in Wales. It’s still home to me and periodically I must return, vampire like, to my lair to recharge the Taffro. It’s late…this entry may not make sense. After the debacle of the last few days it’s […]