Friday Night

Too tired for proper blogging tonight. Here’s some cheesy fun instead: [youtube=] And they’re back. Glory be.


Some humour for you, this Monday morning. The Star Wars satire doing the internet rounds right now is this. But for me this will always be the best: [youtube=] Enjoy.


Been a while since I did one of these. Some 90s rock to get the weekend started, I forgot how good Skunk Anansie were: [youtube=] If you’re not headbanging to this you’re probably dead.


Mine was pretty good: not withstanding my clumsiness. However, I like the SF undertones mingled with the melodrama that underscored the late seventies and early eighties of this particular song. Here’s the Boomtown Rats from 1981 with the obvious but fun...

Roll call

A spot of classic Rowan Atkinson to start the week: [youtube=] Made me chuckle.