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Quick Update: 88 MPH and rising

Yes, things are getting a little frantic.

I’ve spent the weekend working on existing stories – including but not exclusively the Woodsman – and performing DIY. Both exercises have had varying degrees of success, leaving me questioning where the hell the weekend went.

But there’s no time for questions. Onwards and upwards.

It’s nearly Monday 17th March and that means The Eastercon is right around the corner. My first proper con. Oh the excitement, oh the hilarious opportunity for tongue tied, fanboy slapstick at my own expense. Ah well. It’ll be fun and of course there’s Illuminations to be shed on all sorts of things.

Like what I did there? No? Ok, I’ll get me coat.

In addition to that I’m at a work do on Tuesday night that should prove quite interesting, although I am not going to reveal more until post Tuesday. You can jinx these things.

Somewhere in between all that I’ll be writing, reading (currently Singularity Sky by Charles Stross) and attempting to squeeze five days work into four. There’ll be bloggage. Clearly Wednesday will focus on Tuesday evening’s shenanigans; hangover not withstanding. And I’ve got a few reviews to do (Jumpers [film], Spin [book]).

And I will be sporadically liveblogging/possible twittering from Eastercon. If you see me in the bar feel free to say hello – I’ll be the tired guy who looks like a Southpark character with too much facial hair and entirely too many handhelds.

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