As promised, having raised more than £500 for SANDS in August, the audio version of Dragonstar is embedded below.

Dragon Star is the story I wrote in the week after we lost our son, scribbled in a notebook, sat at my mother-in-laws and trying to chain the grief in the only way I ever learned. It’s safe to say I am a fully devoted follower of the mantra to make good art whatever is happening to you. It saved my life.

Disabled for now due to a hosting issue. Apologies for any inconvenience.

There are other tales of Draco the Dragon available for free, here on the site (see below). Some are better than others but all are important to me and written once a year for Ziggy’s birthday.

If you feel so inclined, can afford it, and haven’t already given, you can donate here:

Tales of Draco The Dragon:

Oubliette (2018)

The Canyon (2017)

Spiders (2016)

2015 story appears not to be live. I am looking into this.

Storm (2014)


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