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They saw me coming…

My car hates me.

It was MOT time yesterday and I think Ford saw me coming: £600 (ouch!). What was done includes a pretty innocuous list:

– Computer calibration (didn’t know it had one)
– Headlight settings (you mean it’s not my wit dazzling the other drivers?)
– Anti-roll bar brushes (they’re rubber brushes how can they cost £70?)
– Brakes cleaned (ok pretty important…)
– Coolant flushed and replaced (why is it pink?)

Still they also cleaned the car (I’m not going to go into detail but there was stuff growing on the rubber seal that runs around the windows). Possibly the most expensive car wash I’ve ever used.

Anyway what else have I been up to?

Mainly I’ve been working on “The Mine” which is a short story that only I’ve read so not very interesting to anyone else but the first draft is done. It’s not come out as well as I’d like but I’m hopeful that a robust redraft can knock it into shape enough for it to go out to market.

A week off the day job coming up so I’m going to make a big dent in the second draft of “The Priest” (I think the title is going to have to change amongst other things) and I’m pretty much made up that I’m going to send “House” out to a different market as it’s had pretty consistent positive feedback in spite of missing out on “Black Static”.

Recently purchased a load of Penguin Classics from Borders as I was spending way too much on more recent titles and reading only within my comfort zone (enjoyable but like too many Big Macs not good for you).

This was one of my better ideas and I’ve had a ton of fun reading people I always promised myself I would get round to one day.

My favourite so far has been “Dubliners”, the short story collection by James Joyce, a really good book for commuting as I could read an entire story each way on my journey to work and so well crafted; can’t believe he was younger than me when he wrote it. Currently I’m reading Conrad’s “The Secret Agent” but it’s a bit early to tell if I’ll like it though early signs are promising.

At the same time as I was in Borders purchasing my bargain classics I also came across a nice volume on Welsh history, so rare to find that type of book in London in a major chain I just had to buy it: £16.99. This somewhat defeated the idea of buying the classics.

I think they saw me coming too…

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